Team & Concept


Welcome to ‘room capacity’. We are Joern Kuschinsky, native Berliner, and Thomas Storai, from Paris. Our combined backgrounds range from Fine Art to business management to haute cuisine. We’re collectors by nature. We share a passion for rare, curious and unique pieces of furniture and art. We’re obsessively searching for the story in every object we touch. It’s the fun part.

We’re like an adoption agency for exquisite bits of design. Sometimes it hurts to let go, but without you where would all this lovely stuff go? And nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing you fall in love with something we found in some obscure place that seems to have your name written on it.

We work with interior designers, personal shoppers, small furniture design companies, and especially, individuals like you. We cater to those with a taste for vintage and elegant modernism, and we’re always happy to get into a discourse about how it all goes together. We’re pleased to offer design advice. We welcome you to send questions via email, or come in and spend as much time as you like in the shop. We know as well as anyone, it’s a process.

We can work with you in French, German and English. See you soon.


Linienstrasse 150
10115 Berlin, Germany


Tue – Sat  1:00pm – 7:00 pm